Welcome to Standout Staging!

Making your home stand out in the market with our unique services.

Since 90% of today’s home buyers begin their search by shopping online, it’s more important than ever for your home to make a great first impression. Often buyers decide within the first few seconds whether or not they are interested in your home. The average online shopper looks at a listing for about two and half minutes - unless your home STANDS OUT.

While any staging is beneficial, all staging is not equal. Often a staged home appears to have been filled with “rent to own” furniture: neat, clean, inoffensive, and utterly forgettable. The idea is that a house with neutral décor appeals to a broader pool of buyers. However, today’s buyers expect more. They want a home, not a house. We make the online shopper stop in their tracks, pick up their phone and call an agent to request a showing.

We do that by injecting just the right amount of personality: not so much that it scares buyers off, but enough to make them desperately want a second look. After all, who wants a bland and boring house? No one! Let the team at Standout Staging give your home the competitive edge!